Martin SwattonFor many years I ran a graphic design agency – a great opportunity to express creative talent in an exciting business environment. During that time, I discovered two key things: my own interest in architecture and interior design, and my commitment to exceptional, personalised customer service.

I became very disillusioned with uninspired architecture – I felt I could do better. Investing in a number of properties, I was able to test my instinct that light, open spaces were more appealing than the small rooms you often find in new developments today.

My third project, the transformation of a 1930s bungalow in Willingdon, East Sussex became an award winning scheme which featured in many magazines, newspapers, radio and television.

I have since worked with a vast range of clients who share my passion for beautifully simple, contemporary, functional design, which is creative, sustainable and cost-effective.

Working with a team of trusted and experienced associates, I provide a complete service, from the concept design and management of planning, construction and finishing, right down to all the minutiae.