I am committed to inspirational change; from the grand design to the smallest detail.

I bring to my clients a unique service, delivering a vision of a contemporary space and helping them to bring it to reality. Whether it’s a brand-new building or remodelling of an existing space, domestic or commercial, I provide a complete service from concept through planning to the final finishing touches.

  • Contemporary Design

    A new building project, an extension or the remodeling of an existing space can be a challenge for anyone. Too often vision can be lost in transforming an exciting idea into a physical reality. That's a process with which I am well acquainted. Whether it's a simple facelift or a complex new-build, I ensure the vision is delivered.
I provide a comprehensive service, including initial 3D visualizations, as well as management of the planning and construction, and finally, sourcing and designing of individual elements.

  • Interior remodelling

    Breathe new life into your home by creating bigger, brighter and more stylish - yet fully functional - living spaces. And add value too. Whether you’re simply updating your kitchen or transforming your entire property, I offer a complete service from concept design and remodeling to sourcing fittings and appliances, helping you create a beautiful space to live in and enjoy.

  • Outdoor space

    When extending or updating your property, you have the opportunity to integrate the outdoor space with the new interior. It’s important to consider it as part of your overall design strategy - I like to think of it as another room outside. When creating this new social space – whether you’re building seating into the space or simply furnishing with appropriate chairs and table - I provide all relevant design solutions with simple, contemporary materials and practical planting.